We do our best to make our pricing as affordable as possible while still providing your dawg with the best possible care. If you have any questions about our pricing or services, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to meeting your dawggy!


$30.00 Full day for 1 Dawg
$25.00 Full day for 2nd Dawg

$22.00 Half Day for 1 Dawg
$20.00 Half Day for 2nd Dawg

10 day pass $280.00 for 1 Dawg ($28.00 per visit/per dog)
20 day pass $520.00 for 1 Dawg ($26.00 per visit/per dog)

Resort Pricing (Includes FREE Daycare):

Small Lodging: $35.00 per Dawg
Standard Lodging: $42.00 1 Dawg
$37.00 2nd Dawg
Suites: $56.00 per Dawg
$51.00 for each Additional Dawg
(Guests sharing accommodations must be from the same household)

We charge $1.00 per day for Medication


$17.00 Nail Trims

Full-Service Bathing and Spa Services Available
Prices Quoted by Dog Groomer

We do not accept credit cards. Cash and checks only.

Happy Dog Running in a Field