Dawg Requirements:

Each Dawg must have the following proof of Vaccinations for Daycare and Lodging:

Bordatella Vaccine – Nasal Recommended, Injection Okay if Boosted (Oral will not be accepted)
Canine Influenza
Rabies Vaccine
PA Dawg License

In order for Vaccines to be fully effective in protecting your pet they must be administered at least 7 days prior to your Dawgs stay with us.

To Ensure a Safe Daycare Environment all Dawgs Must:

Undergo and pass a Free Temperament assessment
Be Spayed or Neutered if older than 7 months
Be on a Flea and Tick prevention program
Be in Relatively good health
Be well socialized with other Dawgs as well as people

To Ensure a Safe Lodging Environment all Dawgs Must:

Undergo a Free Temperament Test to be in everyday Daycare
If they do not Pass the Temperament test we offer private areas where your dog will be able to get out for an extended period of time at NO EXTRA charge to you, so they to will be able to get some much needed exercise.

For Senior Dawgs we also offer private areas for them as well.

What to Bring for Lodging:
Your dawgs pre-measured food for each meal that they will eat
Treats for your Dawg
Any medications that they will need with the bottles and dispensing instructions
Any blankets, beds and toys for your Dawg. Please be sure to label your belongings well.

(We are not responsible for damaged or chewed up beds or blankets)

No need to bring there food or Water bowls, we will provide them.

Dog Giving Test